My first gain, and how it is affecting me today

I have now been back on Weight Watchers for 13 weeks, and following the McDougall guidelines for 10 of those. In that time, I have lost 25.8 lbs total, which is fantastic! I am getting close to hitting a milestone of losing 10% of my starting weight. I feel amazing everyday.

However, this week I had gained weight. I bought a scale not too long ago so I could have daily feedback about my dietary choices. Usually it goes down steadily. If I indulge myself and buy a loaf of sourdough bread I see it go up for a couple of days before settling to lower than before the bread. I understand these little fluctuations are often a result of how much of the foods I’m eating are being absorbed by my body. In the case of the sourdough, I know the finely ground flour is much more easily absorbed than whole corn kernels. So it makes sense to gain weight.

But this week was different. I have not eaten much regular bread (made with white flour). I did eat a lot of corn tortillas and I made ugali with masa harina the night before I weighed in. So maybe the corn was ground finely enough to be absorbed like wheat flour. Or maybe it has to do with where I am in my cycle. I’m not entirely sure.

I did see the scale at home creep up for a few days before I weighed in on Sunday.

I remember in the past how upset I would get over a gain like this week. I’m up 1.4 lbs which is not that much. And this morning it was already going back down.

I still remember the very first week I gained weight at WW. It was over a decade ago. I had been following the program to the letter. I had lost consistently for several weeks straight. I was weighing in in the evenings so it’s quite possible I had eaten differently or maybe had some extra water. But I was crushed. When I saw that number on the scale higher than the week before my face fell and I was close to tears. I still remember the staff member who was helping me. To this day she is my favorite of all WW staff members, which says a lot because I love most of them! Her name was Fred and she asked me if I had been following the program. I explained that I had. Then she asked about my cycle. I was a little embarrassed by that question, but she assured me that we retain water at different times. She then said that if we couldn’t figure it out, we would call it a vegetable and it wouldn’t count!

This was not like that. I knew I was going to be up on the scale. I am also okay with it. 12 straight weeks of loss followed by one of gain is a trend I am quite happy with! I know that there will be ups and downs on this journey. Considering my ultimate goal weight is over 200 lbs less than my starting weight it would be completely unrealistic to expect to not gain weight occasionally.

But, I do not intend to make this a regular pattern, either. I am working on incorporating more starchy veggies instead of just grains. Potatoes and sweet potatoes help me shed pounds easily so that is where I am choosing to focus my meals for now. It works out perfectly since the weather has cooled a bit. Tonight might be a good night for potato leek soup! Or just steamed sweet potatoes with spicy black beans and salsa.

All in all, I would say that while I am not thrilled to have gained weight this week I am not horribly upset, either. I think it is a normal part of this process. And it’s okay to gain weight occasionally. I am just going to continue to take this one meal at a time, one walk at a time. I know that a year from now I will be in much better health, so what’s a pound and a half this week? πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “My first gain, and how it is affecting me today

  1. You are doing a really great job! My wife an I did WW for a few months two years ago, and she did great at it. Lost about 20lbs and was looking and feeling fantastic. I lost about 13 and then plateaued. This lasted for several weeks before I started gaining. I was eating the same things, and exercising, but it didn’t seem to matter. I became extremely discouraged. Because I’m the one that cooks, I stopped following it, stopped caring, and we both stopped losing. And started gaining.
    We are trying again now. We’ve been doing it about three weeks, though not to the T because life has been crazy and I had a medical procedure, but she has already lost about 3lbs and I lost about 2.
    Anyway, it could also be because your weigh ins are in the evening. We do it at home, so we weigh in in the mornings, after your morning pee (a doctor told me about this, and said it can be closer to your actual weight because you haven’t eaten or drank anything yet).
    But you’re doing so awesome and can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks for the support. Weight loss is never easy. I am learning more and more about the biomechanics of it which makes me so much more confident in my current technique. I am simply eating foods that allow my body to shed excess weight without storing any more fat and moving around because I have extra energy and I want to move around. For me, those are two huge changes. They may not seem too big, but I have been an emotional eater for most of my life and exercise has been a form of self-torture. So to WANT to go for a walk feels amazing!!! And there are just simply things that I no longer eat. That makes it easy for me, too. Meat, dairy, eggs, oils are just no longer things I can eat. To me, it’s like a small amount of poison every time I eat them. Sure they taste good, but that’s what some people say about cigarettes and no one smokes to enhance their health! πŸ™‚

      I still like going to WW for the emotional support. My weight has a lot of tangled emotions woven into it that it helps to talk about with others who have similar issues. So I like the meetings. And I like the consistency. πŸ™‚ I go to a morning meeting and always eliminate as much as possible before hand. I don’t even sip water until after I hit the scale to have as accurate a record as possible. But, as someone whose hormones are totally out of balance, I still have fluctuations that are just part of life for now. So I’m okay with the gain. As long as the general trend is downward I’m not going to sweat a couple of pounds here or there.

      My journey is still a very long one. From where I was this morning on my home scale I still have about 190 to lose to hit my personal goal. However, that may change as I go along. But that would get me to a BMI of about 22 which is right in the middle of the healthy range. With so much weight to lose I need to be realistic and know that there will be occasional gains, occasional plateaus, and some frustrations along the way. But it’s a process. My true hope is that by the time I get to a healthy weight I have a healthy mentality to go with it. πŸ™‚ We’ll see about that one, though! Lol!

      I am glad you are with me on this journey. I am following you, too, and am so happy we can support each other. Yay for both of us and our transition to health!

      • You’re right, weight loss is so hard. I’m really glad that you’re starting to feel more energy and the want and need to move more! That’s excellent. I understand the feeling of torture. I REALLY like the idea of exercising, but when I find myself sitting on the couch with free time and I think about exercising, it just sounds so awful. So that is something that I have to really overcome.
        I am also right there with you about being an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy, sad, to celebrate, bored, whatever reason I can think of. I really have an obsession with food. It is my best friend and my worst enemy.
        I am glad we are on this journey together and can support each other as well!

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