Is a tank top brave?

I recently was talking to my husband about the changes I am seeing in my body. He looked at me and said that he doesn’t see too much difference in my arms but he can see a huge difference in my belly. A few days later I recounted the incident to a friend. She told me I am brave for wearing a tank top. She never wears them because she hates her arms.

hiking 2-28-16 arms up
Ready for adventure!

That really got me thinking. At my heaviest, there was no way I could ever cover up how fat I was. I am still quite large. And even now, no matter what I am wearing, it is pretty obvious that I am a fat woman. So what difference does it make if I wear a tank top or not?

hiking 2-28-16 arms down
Big belly, big arms, big smile!


I have noticed that I am particularly sensitive to short daylight hours. The longer the nights and the less time I get out in the sun the more my depression is able to take hold in my thought processes. Knowing this about myself I think it is very important to get as much exposure to the sun as I can. Weather permitting, I prefer to walk and hike in a tank top to get as much sunlight on my arms and chest as possible.

hiking 2-28-16 both of us
Lovely. And yes, that is my hand blocking the side of the camera view. 🙂

I don’t consider myself brave for being realistic about my body. I know how I look. And I don’t see the point in hiding who I am behind clothes in the hopes of hiding how big I am. I am here. I take up space. And I get my butt up the hills, even with all the extra fat I am carrying around.

Huh. Maybe I am pretty brave after all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is a tank top brave?

  1. You are kickass. It’s funny, when I was my heaviest, my arms were the #1 thing I’d be worried about showing. I’d wear t-shirts in the summer, but I’d still find some sort of light sweater to cover them up. It’s tough dealing with the heat here in the south during the summer lol. I think you look great. 🙂

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