Tuesday morning
Feeling good on a Tuesday before work. Look at the definition in my face! 🙂


I haven’t posted lately, but I am still happily McDougalling my way to health. I have lost over 70 lbs now and I never feel restricted! I love eating all the food I want and still feeling healthy and strong. And I love that the food I eat tells my body when to stop eating. I went out for Mexican with a girlfriend last night. I ate about half my burrito then just stopped. I was totally satisfied, but not uncomfortably full. It was a great moment.

Last Sunday M and I went for a walk in one of the local regional parks. We probably did about 5 miles all together. We ended up going down a steep hillside into a valley to meet up with another trail that led back to the parking lot. A year ago I would have looked at the decline and turned around. Between the gravel, the grade, and the narrow path with branches blocking a lot of it, I was definitely pushing my limits of comfort! But I carefully stepped and took my time. I made it all the way down without needing any help. I did it. I felt so good at the bottom that I broke into a run. (Okay, it was really a jog, but it felt like a run to me!) I am very proud of myself and I feel very accomplished.

hike in Sibley
We started hiking along the ridge on the side of the hill then went down into the valley.
hike in Sibley - me
This is my proud face!!!

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